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Don't Let Waste Go To Waste


Waste management is one of the most pressing issues in India currently. With campaigns such as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan gathering a lot of steam, it's important to remember that waste, as with any issue, begins at home. Segregation at the household level has long been considered one of the biggest contributors to a more effective waste cycle. 

Nearly 50% of waste remains unsegregated and sent to the ever-growing landfills.

Housing societies are good opportunities for household segregation and waste disposal to be done right, given their organised nature. Quite possibly one of the largest (and wealthiest) housing societies in Pune - Sindh Society in Aundh - with over 350 bungalows generates a considerable amount of waste every day. ProEarth Ecosystems stepped in to help them put into place systems for waste segregation and disposal so that they can mitigate their footprint.


ProEarth Ecosystems studied the society and devised the following steps, leveraging the 2bin1bag approach:


ProEarth intends to work harder to maintain this project and continue to collect data so that Sindh Society's waste issue can be better understood. With time, the hope is to take Sindh Society to zero-waste, or at least to a point where the waste generated is effectively used in the best way possible. 

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