Reach provides a Monitoring and Evaluation logical model with standardised programme-level indicators and easy-to-use data entry templates in the form of a sheet or an app.

Reach M&E Framework enables you to effectively track, verify, and adjust your programmes based on sound evidence.


Reach creates a comprehensive, password-protected, online webpage or dashboard by analysing, contextualising, and visualising your M&E data. 

Reach Portfolios aids you and your donors to accurately understand and determine the effectiveness of your programmes through its progress tracker, as well as its planned vs actual outcome visualisations.


Reach supplements your communication and outreach efforts by creating succinct visual snapshots that can be shared across various online platforms for immediate engagement and awareness with the community.

This enables everyone to better understand and put into context the scope, scale, and details of your programme in an accessible and convenient way, thereby increasing visibility and promoting long-term partnerships.

Community Participation

Reach supports your organisation's needs by identifying the right people to fulfil them.

You might require support in the form of skills or resources that are not directly related to your core work or responsibilities. Reach facilitates Interactions, wherein resource providers are identified, briefed as per your requirement, and aligned with your organisation's goals, to ensure mutual interest and maximum impact.

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