Whether you're about to start a new project, or you need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your existing systems, Reach is the guide to get you going.

Our services bolster your organisation's internal knowledge management, leading to intuitive and data-driven decision making.


Monitoring & Evaluation

We look to understand your organisation’s goals and objectives. We spend time with members of your team(s) to learn what is working and what isn’t, what has been tried and what hasn’t. Then we outline the project’s purpose and articulate its tangibles and intangibles, so we’re all clear with where we’re headed.

It’s important to be thorough with what data is collected, and perhaps more prudently, what is feasible to collect, based on your organisation’s resources and capacity. We provide what we consider to be the ideal, most comprehensive monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework, and then we refine it together, with your input. This helps you turn your data into actionable information, enabling you to update your donors along the way.


Configuration of Data Collection Systems

We leverage third party ODK-based apps to streamline data collection. They're easy to use, work offline, and come with plenty of benefits like skip-logic, grouping, and constraints to ensure you're entering data quickly and accurately. Additional features like media upload and geotagging, along with the metadata associated with each form submission...all add up to some meaty data, ripe for analysis.

If you're concerned about the bandwidth or capacity of your organisation to adopt a data collection tool, we also customise your data collection processes using Google Sheets; which is simple and easy to use for anyone. We add relevant formulae and calculations, so that your organisation can enter data logically and systematically, saving valuable time and effort.


Dashboarding for Intelligent Consumption

The raw data always needs some work before it's usable. From where it's stored to how it's aggregated, we usually look to the cloud for the right functions and API calls to prepare the data for actual consumption. Our serverless, cloud-based HTML dashboards work comfortably on any device and browser, securely providing the power of your data to your personal screen.

They contain all the programme information you need, visualised with filters and drill-downs to make your data exploration meaningful. We also consider things like user management (RBAC) as well as exporting the data into determinable PDF and XLS reports, if that helps you impress your co-workers.


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