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leveraging the power of data visualisation to improve knowledge management and showcasing


Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Monitoring and Evaluation is a process that helps improve programme performance and achieve intended results. The process is mainly used by Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) and government institutions. It has been gaining popularity in recent years and is widely considered the most appropriate and ideal measuring process for any development-related programme.

Social Purpose Organisation
  • Helps ascertain if programme goals and objectives have been met as per action plan
  • Helps provide information to enable pivoting or modification of the programme to achieve planned goals and objectives
  • Aids in effective internal knowledge management, and provides the opportunity to develop best practices, thereby minimising risks and roadblocks for future programmes
  • Lays down a strong foundation for impact measurement and evaluation of positive/negative or intended/unintended impact
  • Helps understand the performance of SPOs in terms of programme implementation, along with the efficiency of resources used
  • Helps understand existing SPO practices and interventions, thereby promoting informed and strategic SPO partnerships in the future
  • Promotes effective internal processes and systems among partner SPOs, thereby standardising donor requirements


Consolidation of M&E information is important to both Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) and Donors in order to achieve the above mentioned benefits. Reach’s reporting focuses on contextualising and visualising the information collected, so that any stakeholder—irrespective of their association to the programme—can better understand, absorb, and utilise the information.

Social Purpose Organisation + Donor
  • Keeps track of the programme on a regular basis through a password-protected, online report
  • Provides immediate context to the M&E information through visualisation, which increases scope for participation and/or decision making
  • Eliminates the need for paper-based reports; these online reports can be shared at any time for internal or external communication


Apart from communicating with programme-related stakeholders, it is also important to disseminate this information to a larger audience, i.e., the general public. This helps increase avenues for support and funding, especially since it's a relatively unexplored space for normal programme operations.

Social Purpose Organisation + Donor
  • Creates immediate brand recognition amongst the general public about philanthropic goals and achievements, while developing valuable connections through the sharing of credible information on a publicly accessible platform
  • Enables viewing and understanding of programmes as run by other organisations, thus highlighting best practices for maximum social impact
  • Incentivises organisations with relevant and validated data by promoting partnerships amongst donors, other SPOs, and the general public
  • Promotes discussion on programme-level impact data amongst SPOs, donors, and the general public

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