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bridging you with social work


While we work alongside organisations to help them map and measure their impact, we discovered many ways through which anyone can contribute their time, skills, or resources.

We call these interactions.

Watch the video below to learn more about how we approach interactions.


If you're an individual or corporation who wants to contribute towards your community and be a part of something meaningful, then you are an Ally!

What's in it for you?

We design convenient and measurable pathways for you to get involved in various social movements. What's more, we showcase the data and define the impact that you contribute towards. You do good — you feel good!


If you're working in an NGO, or social enterprise, or any place that promotes social justice, then you are an Agent of change!

What's in it for you?

We work to provide an audience from which you can actively seek support. By inviting people to contribute to your work, we help you focus on your broader goals. You get more done!


We match the needs of Agents with the resources that Allies have at their disposal.


  • "Reach has been instrumental in helping iTeach Schools execute a few key initiatives. From two important design projects, to partnering with organisations for our team retreat venues, Reach has leveraged their network to find win-win situations. The two biggest advantages of working with Reach have been their deep understanding of our specific needs, and hence providing very contextual and relevant options, and their commitment to excellence, which further aligns with our values! Their responsiveness and ability to help in diverse situations is also remarkable!"
    — Soumya Jain, Founder of iTeach
  • "Reach stands out because of its unique style of intervention with various stakeholders. The team is creative, charismatic, and dynamic! I enjoyed reaching out to them and loved how they customised support for us."
    — Kriti Thakur, Teach For India 2015 Fellow
  • "You know when you are starting out and you lose faith and there is someone always having your back. Reach was that for me. They never compromised on the quality of the interaction that they were facilitating. They set expectations well. They got people who believed in this cause. This was not a business facilitation, it was done with heart. Words will not do justice at the unbelievable gratitude I have for the Reach team. If you have been an entrepreneur, you would probably recognise the feeling — the feeling that everything is set up against you. Reach helped me climb my mountains, and how. I would have never gone so far ahead with my stories if it would not have been for them."
    — Meghna Chaudhury, Young India Fellow, Founder of The Irrelevant Project