AIESEC Global Goals Drive River Clean Up 2

AIESEC Global Goals Drive

River Clean Up : May 2017


The following report is intended for AIESEC in Pune and their programme partners.


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21st May 2017, 7.30 am - 12.00 pm


event Description

AIESEC in Pune organised a second community-driven river clean-up programme on 21st May, 2017, following the last event that took place on 2nd April. In partnership with Adar Poonawalla Clean City initiative, High Spirits, Ilka’s, Bodhisattva, SWaCH, Beetroot Bistro, and Mahlzeit, the aim of the event was to carry on the work from the past event and improve upon the number of people attending and total amount of waste collected.

Mrs. Mangala Mantri, local corporator - Koregaon Park, supported AIESEC in organising the event and participated as a volunteer along with her husband.

This programme is part of a unique initiative by AIESEC in Pune called the Global Goals Drive, which aims to support the Global Goals of the United Nations. The River Clean-up Drive is in line with Global Goal 6: Clean Water & Sanitation.

Purpose of the Event

This was a follow-up to the previous event, and a means for members of the community to come together towards a common social goal — to clean the banks of the river near Koregaon Park and build awareness towards waste management in the process.

Planning & Execution

The event was initially planned for the preceding Sunday, 14th May, but was cancelled on account of rain. The support of existing and new partners, however, ensured that the event was successfully rescheduled.

The organising team of AIESEC in Pune spearheaded the event, with the support of past event partners such as Adar Poonawalla Clean City initiative for their waste collection resources, High Spirits for their venue and complimentary breakfast for all the volunteers, as well as Ilka’s, for the overall coordination with stakeholders. The new partners included SWaCH for their waste pickers and technical expertise, Beetroot Bistro, Mahlzeit, and Bodhisattva for bringing more volunteers to the event and showing support through endorsement.

The experience and feedback from the previous event was considered to provide industry-grade gloves to the volunteers prior to the waste collection and taken back promptly after, to ensure reusability. Other aspects were also streamlined to ensure a fruitful use of time for all those involved.



The location selected was again the banks of the Mula-Mutha river in Koregaon Park. This second event showed that the waste generated and dumped at this site is considerable and would therefore merit more frequent interventions.

Programme summary

Reach provided a monitoring framework to track the event and its constituents, as well as to put it into context with the previous event.

The cards below provide a summary of the river clean-up drive held on 21st May, 2017. More details of the event, such as volunteer profiles, waste collection, rating and feedback, etc. is provided with context.

Monitoring Data : Waste Collected


Monitoring Data : Community Volunteers


Monitoring Data : AIESEC Volunteers



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