We are a team with diverse skills and inclinations, working together to strike the perfect balance between technology, inclusivity, and keeping the user at the centre.


anirudh prasadh

Director – Data & Operations

Anirudh is a chemical engineer whose process-orientedness is only surpassed by his love for staying up to date with news, politics, Netflix specials, and Manchester United. Whether it's policy research, data analysis, or programme evaluation, Reach relies on his knowledge and expertise to deliver the right solution.




anuja pitre

Director – Design & Ideation

Anuja studied graphic design and illustration, but has since taken it upon herself to master human-centred design thinking, user research, user experience, and the perfect cup of coffee. From ideation to finishing touches, her detailed approach is what drives our innovation and creativity.




varun mukerji

Director – Management & Execution

Varun has a background in economics, and a knack for project management, forging partnerships, and connecting with people. When he's not playing or watching basketball, he serves as Reach's ground control – streamlining processes and preparing for what's next.