We can't move up unless we're together.


Vision and Mission

We are a consultancy for NGOs and company foundations (CSR) to improve the effectiveness of their programmes, using rigorous monitoring and evaluation practices, leading to crisp and contextualised data visualisations or dashboards that can be easily and intelligently understood and used for reporting, decision making, and general communication.

We are building a platform for development work, so that all stakeholders — i.e. social sector organisations, donors, and members of the general public — can come together in an informed, strategic, and collaborative manner; ultimately driving holistic, sustainable, and long-term development.

We can’t move up unless we’re together.





Ongoing work in the development sector is undoubtedly good, but it can be a whole lot better. What’s more, smaller organisations struggle to retain donors, leading to their projects being compromised — or worse — cancelled.

We believe good work should get equal visibility, irrespective of its scale. By standardising indicators and making data collection more intuitive, we let the work speak for itself. And when the data does the talking, everyone is forced to sit back and listen.

Sure, anecdotes will still command attention, but giving precedence to the numbers will leave nothing to interpretation. It will give impact its rightful place at the head of the table.

Transparency & Accountability

The trouble with the data collected is that it is often not the data reported. Or rather, the reporting requirement fails to account for all the aspects of a programme that lead to its success or failure.

By paying close attention to each facet of a programme, we enable each stakeholder to take stock of all impact, whether positive or negative, intended or unintended.

This paves the way for cross-sector impact to not only be considered, but prioritised, leading to a more concerted and collaborative path forward.

Access & Inclusiveness

Why is development a neglected topic in day-to-day dialogue? Why do NGOs feel disappointed and disillusioned when they seek attention or support? What causes this de-prioritisation of social impact issues?

We believe the community deserves to have a voice in this conversation. They ought to be invited in, given the relevant information, the time and context to consider it, and the means for them to put their opinions forward.

Reach is an open platform that hosts visualised data of programmes across various sectors, so that anyone who’s interested can learn about the development sector, and make informed choices in the way they engage or contribute towards social impact.





anirudh prasadh

Co-founder, Director – Data & Operations

Fiercely interested in making a difference, Anirudh has worked as a CSR consultant for corporates and supported community-oriented programmes as an SBI Youth For India Rural Development Fellow. He strives to combine efficiency with intensity to make sure things are going according to plan. “Plans are the best”, he can be often found saying.


anuja pitre

Co-founder, Director – Design Research & Product

A keen observer with a mind for patterns, Anuja has developed user-centric design strategies for waste management initiatives. She is passionate about using design-thinking to improve and introduce systems so that things work beautifully, everyone wins, and maybe we can all go out for drinks later.


varun mukerji

Co-founder, Director – Culture & Community

With over three decades of people-pleasing under his belt, Varun has held leadership positions in the fields of expat relocation, intercultural training, graphic design, and FMCG. Here to listen and eager to help, his strengths include project management, connecting and mobilising people, and a stubborn sense of optimism.