Water Weed


It's on the "alien plant species" list in Europe, it can #infest entire #waterbodies in a matter of weeks, it can destroy all life in those water bodies along the way, and it also disrupts boat passage through those waters.

While that may sound like the plot of the newest grindhouse horror flick, the truth is actually much scarier. You can put that popcorn down now.

The water hyacinth , or 'jal kumbhi' in Hindi, might look like a pretty plant, but it's wreaking havoc on India's lakes, rivers and backwaters. In Mumbai's Powai Lake, which is already plagued with tons of garbage and sewage, the hyacinth, which thrives in sewage water, has taken over almost completely, making the problem a hundred times more difficult for the civic bodies to solve.

Even one single plant can produce thousands of seeds in a year. So the methods of removal are often only temporary.

Kottapuram Integrated Development Society (KIDS) is an NGO that trains women to weave the plants along with jute, to make everything from bags to yoga mats. We believe this might just be the most innovative way to solve this horrifying crisis.