Unplanned Urbanisation


India is urbanising faster than any other country on earth. Woohoo...?

"Census Towns" — those with a population density of 400 people per sq. km., where at least 75% of the population is engaged in non-agricultural pursuits — has risen by almost 200% between 2001 to 2011. Add to this, EY estimates that by 2020, India's urban population will account for more than 70% of its GDP. 💸

Don't raise your glasses too soon though, because this urbanisation poses more problems than it necessarily solves. From crappy public transport, ramshackle public infrastructure , and hours-long traffic jams to all-pervasive garbage dumps, power and water shortages, and roads that go nowhere.

As an urban citizen, you're obviously aware that city planning is the need of the hour, and whine about it all the time to your friends. The government is struggling to keep up with this rapid "development". And it is then up to concerned citizens like yourself to stop whining, give your friends a break, and be a part of this planning mechanism.

Quantified Cities Movement, based in Pune, has created a mobile app called iNagrik, which enables citizens to do just that - report issues in their cities - from broken streetlights to uncleared garbage bins. And thanks to tie-ups with local press and municipal bodies, this system ensures complete transparency and accountability.

So the next time you see something in your city you want to complain about, download the iNagrik app, report the issue, and feel good about being an agent of positive change in your city!