While India boasts of one of the largest national networks of roadways and railways in the world, the impact of this network on wildlife has been alarmingly heartbreaking.

Last year, an 8 year old tiger died in a road accident on a highway in Maharashtra, while a speeding train in Assam ploughed through and killed a family of five elephants . Both are on the endangered species list.

Roadkill related animal deaths affect thousands of animals, from snakes, birds, jackals and a host of the big cats, these casualties result in not just a decline in animal populations, but inbreeding and the complete extinction of local wildlife. What makes things all that much harder is that there's very little data available, and most of these deaths go unnoticed and unrecorded. is a mobile app by Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) - that allows concerned citizens to actively participate and report roadkill they encounter. The data collected can help not only to pinpoint where animal deaths are highest, but also determine which species are more at risk on specific stretches; so as to plan the ideal mitigation measures suited for each location. Eventually, this data could help plan our infrastructure needs better and devise win-win solutions for wildlife along with this expansion of infrastructure.