Not Enough Organ Donors


Most of us never get the opportunity to save another person's life, in our lifetime. However, organ donation allows us to do just that, and give someone else a new lease on their life, at the end of our own.

Every year in India, 2,00,000 people die of liver disease, 50,000 die of heart disease, and a shocking 1,20,00,000 people have corneal blindness, and are awaiting corneal transplants.

And yet, the donor statistics are almost embarrassing in comparison. Less than 1,000 transplants are performed in India every year. Which means that most of the people waiting for organs in this country will probably die before they get one.

Organ donation is a simple concept. One person’s dysfunctional organ or tissue - often threatening their life - is replaced with a healthy one from a donor - even if the donor has just died - thus restoring its function and giving the donee their life back.

Becoming an organ donor is a simple process. All you need to do is go to the official website for the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO), and click on the ‘Donor Pledge’ tab. Fill in your details in the form, tick the organs/tissues you'd like to donate and submit it to NOTTO. After approving your application, NOTTO creates a donor card for you.

So the next time someone jokes that they'd give their kidney for a new iPhone, you'll know you've actually done a whole better.