Honour Killing


If you've ever found yourself in love with someone, and at no point feared for your safety because the object of your affection might be of a different caste , congratulations, you're part of only 5% of the Indian population.

"Honour killings" are a huge problem in India. From 2014 to 2015, honour killings in the country grew by 796%. That is a seriously alarming statistic, and one that caused the Punjab and Haryana High Court to order the setting up of special anti-honour-killing cells in 2015.

In Delhi, a 23-year-old man was stabbed to death, in full public view, by the family of the woman he was in love with. Simply because the man and the woman belonged to different religions. Fanatical groups such as the Khap Panchayats of North India and the Jadi Sangams of South India are committing even more gory murders in the name of "honour", suggesting that love is now a dangerous choice for people.

Meanwhile, despite repeated suggestions from the Supreme Court, the government has failed to pass a strict law against these "honour killings".

If you fear for your safety because of the looming threat of an honour killing, there are people out there who could help. The Madurai city Police Commissioner Mahesh Kumar Agarwal has set up the phone number 0452-2346302, which is a dedicated helpline for couples interested in inter-caste marriages , their friends, well wishers and social activists.

There is no honour in killing. It's time this country learned that fact.