Moral Gynaecologists


If having a cold metal speculum inserted into your vagina wasn’t invasive enough, imagine how much worse it would feel to have your personal life invaded as well. By none other than the gynaecologist whose job it is to put you at ease. Unfortunately, for a majority of women in India, the ordeal of visiting a gynaecologist is often a harrowing, traumatic one. .
Most women in India only see a gynaecologist when they’re pregnant, or trying to be. And if they’re unmarried and suspect a pregnancy, they would rather wait it out with the hope that it was just a late period.

In a country with 1.32 lakh new cases of cervical cancer every year, and an estimated 1.24 lakh cases of breast cancer by 2020, there really is no room for women to be squeamish about their health any longer. More importantly, there is a responsibility on the shoulders of healthcare professionals to be better trained, respectful, and free of any pre-conceived judgements.

If you’d rather not go through the added trauma of dealing with a regressive doctor, here a directory of trustworthy, non-judgmental gynaecologists. Professionals who are well-trained, affordable, reassuring, and above all, respectful of all sexual or lifestyle choices of patients. You could even add your doctor to the list.