Child Soldiers


The Maoists espouse an emancipatory ideology, claiming to defend the rights of poor and marginalised communities, while engaging in guerrilla warfare aimed at overthrowing the State. Officially designated as terrorist organisations by the Indian Government, there's something even more sinister going on in these groups, that few people are aware of.

Amid the violence, these armed groups have been attacking schools, abducting children, sexually abusing them, and forcefully "recruiting" them as soldiers, forcefully drawing them into the so-called "People's War".

Working with local partners like HAQ Centre for Child Rights in Jharkhand, Child Soldiers International has documented numerous cases of child recruitment and abuse, eventually producing a booklet containing information on the relevant legal framework applicable in India. The booklet, Protection of Children in India: National and International Laws, is intended as a resource for government officials, civil society organisations, researchers and interested members of the public in Jharkhand and other areas of India where children are affected by armed violence.