The Decline of Bees


Like something out of a Black Mirror episode, there have been ominous reports of bee colonies 🐝 collapsing without any apparent reason in India and around the world, since 2006. While it may not seem like a human problem, bees actually have a significant role to play in our survival as a species. Since they're pollinators, a decline in bee population might reduce productivity of plant life by as much as 80%. Possible reasons for their decline might be their exposure to pesticides over the last few decades, which makes them age faster, and the smell of the pesticides which make them lose their way back to the hive 😢

The wonderful Under The Mango Tree focuses on ecology enhancement through beekeeping , generating income for small and marginalised Indian farmers . They promote indigenous, hardy bees that pollinate more than their non-indigenous counterparts, that might produce more honey but have lesser ecological benefit. The organisation aims at creating a supportive ecosystem of livelihoods and services for farmers, while increasing pollination cover and yields for the entire community. And as if that wasn't impactful enough, they also help create awareness about the importance of bees, while discouraging honey hunting.