Anaemia is the lowered ability of the blood to carry oxygen, brought on by an iron deficiency. The typical symptoms are headaches and fatigue. It is the most common blood disorder, and affects a third of the planet.

Over half the adult women in India are anaemic, and India tops the list of the most number of pregnant women with anaemia worldwide. Today, low-cost technologies that could help reduce this risk are available, but somehow the treatment of this disorder isn't being prioritised.

Enter companies like Biosense, inventors of devices like ToucHb, a needle-less anaemia screener. They've designed and distributed devices like remote diagnostic kits that enable screening and monitoring of malnutrition at grassroots levels. These devices are easy to use and deploy, and have far reaching benefits beyond the obvious enabling of data and diagnostics - they could also be integrated with Aadhaar, for targeted interventions and better overall public health.