AI Implementation


India ranks number three, after the USA and China, in terms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation, according to a 2016 Boston Consulting Group study - Factory of the Future.
The study considered any company with more than one implementation of AI, in multiple plants, as an early adopter . For the 12 countries included in the study, percentages of early-adopters are highest in the US (25%), China (23%), and India (19%).

This year, for #36daysoftype, we at Reach have talked about lesser known social issues for A-Z. For the numbers, we thought it would be interesting to have each number correspond to where India stands in the world with respect to a particular index, and what’s more, how that number was arrived at.

For the number series, we want to shine a light on the research bodies who bring us this valuable data, that help us apply much needed context to ourselves and our shared world. These entities work hard to scour through heaps of data, corroborate with and consolidate various studies, use innumerable tools and sampling methods, and most of all, exercise the rigour required to present this information in a consumable way, available for scrutiny, peer-review, and in an ideal world — positive changes in policy and the way we behave as a society.

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