We support NGOs and company foundations (CSR) in designing and implementing their programmes, keeping data at the fore.



We help you collect data conveniently and consume it intelligently, taking your reporting and decision-making to the next level. The right one.


We work with



We're also interested in building awareness on social issues, with the community at large.



We've developed products that make dense subjects more digestible...and more fun! Whether it's information on government policies, global indices, or even local politicians, we've got you covered.


Besides is a web app created by Reach that provides verifiable, bite-sized facts to anyone with curiosity and an internet connection.

Currently themed around the upcoming Indian Elections, Besides intends to spread across multiple subjects and issues, so that it evolves into a resource that anyone can pick up and search for a topic, so as to consume, share, and retain credible information for themselves.




We're also fiercely interested in spreading the good word. From our own city to the friendly interweb, we've invited people to come and join the conversation through our campaigns.


2019 : Free Election Symbols

We are currently participating in 36DaysOfType, a design movement on Instagram, showcasing a tiny, yet impactful part of the Indian Elections — election symbols; a curious mix of objects from vegetables and vacuum cleaners to toothbrushes and frocks.

2018 : Lesser Known Issues

Our first 36DaysOfType campaign, we talked about the lesser known social issues in India, while celebrating the heroes that work towards fixing them! Each post contained a stat on the issue, some ongoing work in that field, and how we can help.

2017 : Talking Trash

Talking Trash was an initiative to discuss the ways in which we can lead more sustainable lives. A treasure hunt through the value chain of how waste begins and ends, culminating in a brunch event for members of the Pune Municipality, NGOs and CSR folks, along with a diverse group of citizens.



We have the privilege of supporting some incredible organisations who make significant impact in their fields. Their work is undoubtedly good.

Our aim is to make good work better.

Disclaimer : We made this video in the early stages of our company and still stand by it, but should mention that we work in sectors other than waste management, like education, livelihood, healthcare, domestic violence, gender equity, sanitation, and so on.